Cremation Services

Grabowski Funeral Home and Schuylkill Memorial Park have the unique ability to handle all aspects of cremation from time of passing to final disposition of remains.  Cremation is becoming a popular option for many people and we have customized our options to meet your families needs.  We offer:

  • Transfer from place of death
  • Graveside services
  • Full viewing with services followed by cremation
  • Memorial service in our chapel or in your church
  • Garden of Eternity cremation garden – Scattering available
  • Above-ground Niches
  • Cremation benches, private columbarium, and memorialization of remains
  • Direct Cremation without service
  • Convenient Funeral and Cemetery packaging available to secure pricing and insure services are paid in the event of premature passing.

Grabowski Funeral Home and Schuylkill Memorial Park will work with you to make this vulnerable time easier for you and your family.