Planning Ahead

Pre-planning is a gift you give your family. It secures your wishes while removing difficult choices your family has to make, at a time when decisions are so difficult. You can pre-plan:

  • A complete funeral
  • Viewing and service in our chapel
  • Our professional preparation services
  • A casket
  • Burial space(s) and interment rights
  • Opening and closing of a burial space
  • A vault
  • Transportation
  • A bronze memorial

Grabowski Funeral Home works in close partnership with National Guardian Life Insurance Company to offer our families monthly payment options on funeral services and provide protection in the event of an untimely passing.  This program allows an individual to make monthly payments on their services and protecting their families from rising funeral costs. An insurance policy would be made on the individual with the funeral home listed as the provider.  No funds are received by the funeral home until services are complete. The insured is the owner and if plans change this product is portable and can move with you. These funds are also sheltered from Medicaid and can not be disturbed in the event that nursing home care is needed.  Protecting your family and your wishes.

Call Us today to set up an appointment with a funeral professional and licensed insurance representative to have all your options explained to you. It is never too early or too late to pre-plan. Your family will thank you.

Medicaid Planning

Pre-Payment for Medicaid Spend down

Medicaid is a joint state and federally funded health insurance program intended for people with low income and a critical need for medical care. Those whose non-exempt assets are above the state-mandated amount cannot qualify for assistance until their assets are drained by health care costs. This can be devastating for a family that has saved diligently over the years, especially if a spouse or dependent child is involved.
Fortunately, there are certain ways to reduce non-exempt assets or to “spend down” assets in very specific ways so that they are excluded—and thus protected—from the total assets considered to qualify for Medicaid. We have a Certified Senior Advisor and Elder Law Attorney available to you and your family to assist with your Medicaid and Estate Planning. We know this can be confusing to many, but again, we are here to help!

Who Qualifies for Medicaid?

Generally, seniors aged 65 or older, low-income adults with or without children, pregnant women, and disabled individuals can qualify for Medicaid depending on their income and assets. The limit on how many assets and how much income a person is allowed are determined at the state level. If your assets are more than allowed, you will be required to either spend them down or move them into types of assets that are considered exempt before Medicaid coverage is approved. Depending on the transfer of assets, this may need to be done up to 5 years before your application is made to Medicaid, so planning ahead, if at all possible, is extremely helpful.