Frequently Asked Questions

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My loved one has passed but was not buried at Schuylkill Memorial Park, are we still able to place a memorial in their memory?2018-09-04T08:55:23-04:00

Yes, individuals that have passed may not have been interred for a variety of reasons.  (Cremation where the remains are scattered elsewhere or retained by a family member, buried out of state or country or other reason)  If you would like to have a monument placed on an existing space (deceased parent’s for example) We would be happy to meet with you to design a monument that can stand as a footprint in time for you’re the life that has been lived.

Are you open on weekends?2018-09-04T08:54:08-04:00

We do not keep regular weekend hours, however, we do conduct services and schedule appointments to meet with our families if a weekend is more convenient.  We recommend calling during our regular hours or 8:00 – 4:00 on a weekday to ensure a professional is available if you are visiting us on a weekend and will need assistance.

Why should I preplan my cemetery and funeral expenses?2018-08-01T09:49:13-04:00

Preplanning and prefunding your cemetery and funeral expenses is one of the wisest and most thoughtful things you can do for yourself and your family.  We all know that someone, whether it will be a spouse, other family member, or friend, will be in charge of our final arrangements when we pass. Preplanning can take the emotional and financial burden off a loved one at one of the most difficult times in his or her life.  We fund our funeral expenses through a life insurance product that not only guarantees the price at the time of death, but also offers convenient payment options that can pay in full in the event of a premature death. It also removes funds that may be claimed by Medicaid if you go into a nursing home.

Why have rules and regulations?2018-08-01T09:48:13-04:00

Our rules and regulations are designed for the protection of all lot owners and visitors at Schuylkill Memorial Park.  They define an orderly plan of operation, care, and maintenance, and help to maintain the beauty of the cemetery as well as the safety of our visitors and employees.

Can a family use the funeral home without using the cemetery and vice versa?2018-08-01T09:47:20-04:00

Yes.  Our funeral home serves all cemeteries and our cemetery serves all funeral homes.

What is endowment care?2018-08-01T09:46:49-04:00

Pennsylvania statutes mandate that the cemetery contribute 15% of the sale price of cemetery plots (interment rights) to a fund whose income can only be used for the maintenance of the cemetery.  The principal must remain intact.

May I plant a tree as a memorial to my father?2018-08-01T09:46:00-04:00

The cemetery limits the amount, type and area trees may be planted. At the present time, there are a number of trees that need to be replaced due to age and decay. If you would like to have a tree planted in tribute to a family or person, please contact the superintendent for procedure.

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